International Awards with Differential Tuition Fee Exemption at the University of Ottawa, Canada, 2021

Scholarship application deadline is June 1, 2023

Hurray! Very high achievers who apply to the University of Ottawa will be given a Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Award, allowing them to finish their higher education there.

All international applicants who plan to begin an undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree program at the university in Canada may apply for this academic scholarship for the 2021–2022 academic year.

concerning the university? The University of Ottawa is a public research institution located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in the year 1848. The university’s main campus, which is in the center of Ottawa’s Downtown Core, provides instruction in both French and English. The institution is the biggest multilingual university in the world.

The University of Ottawa offers more than 400 graduate and undergraduate programs, giving students the chance to work at one of Canada’s five largest institutions, gain valuable job experience, hands-on training, and hone their professional skills in preparation for an impending career.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are eligible for scholarships.

Education Value
For meritorious candidates, the University of Ottawa will grant an academic award of tuition fee exemption depending on the program to the qualified overseas students.

Application Method
How to Use: Applicants must enroll in an undergraduate or master’s degree program at the university in order to register for this application.

Candidates must possess previous degrees and certifications from excellent academic standing in order to be admitted to the program.
English language proficiency is required.

Candidates must provide several credentials, such as the GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL, as proof of their English language proficiency.
eligible nations Global candidates are welcome to submit applications.
Eligible Subjects or Courses: a bachelor’s or master’s degree program offered by the Telfer School of Management, the faculties of arts, education, social sciences, law (including common law and civil law), engineering, medicine, science, and health sciences; and the faculties of education and law.
eligibility requirements The candidates must fulfill the requirements in order to be considered:must accept a French-language program admissions offer.
must take at least three French-language classes each semester while enrolled full-time (9 units).
must accept an admissions offer to a program that combines French immersion with English instruction.
must accept a position in a program that combines French immersion with English-language instruction.
possess a secondary or postsecondary degree proving at least two years of French study
For services that offer mandatory courses in all official languages, you must enroll in the French courses (English and French).Summary for International Awards with Differential Tuition Fee Exemption at University of Ottawa, Canada The University of Ottawa in 2021
Department: Unknown
Undergraduate and graduate degrees are available.
Grants: Educational Fund Master’s: up to $11,000; Bachelors: up to $19,000
Application Mode: Available Online Grants: Unspecified
International nationality
In order to obtain Grant: Canada.

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supporting records In order to enroll in this program, candidates must verify that they have the proper documentation with them at the campus.

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