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Just in: How Kidnappers Killed Newly-Wed Husband Who Tried To Save Pregnant Wife

Just in: How Kidnappers Killed Newly-Wed Husband Who Tried To Save Pregnant Wife

How A Newly-wed Paid Supreme Price Trying To Save Pregnant Wife From Kidnappers On the day of the incident, Auwal took his newlywed wife, Rabi’atu to a maternity ward at Masukwani quarters as early as possible for pregnancy related problems. Later in the day after the Isha’i prayers his brother, Rabi’u visited him along with his wife, A isha. They took-off time discussing about life, until when Rabi’u sought to go back home with his wife No sooner had they left, Auwal was lying on a mat in a sitting room, while his new bride was sitting beside him, when all of a sudden, a group of kidnappers with guns barricaded their house. They did not shut the entrance gate to the house because it wasn’t late into the night. They gave a marching order to Auwal, but he ignored it, when they frowned that they would be carrying along Auwal and his wife, again Auwal said they were not going anywhere. Auwal stood up to block the entrance to the main room, but unfortunately, they shot his hand.

“Auwal’s hand was badly hit with almost all its bones broken into pieces. The gang attempted to take away Auwal’s wife, but he resisted, saying they were going nowhere. They again shot him in the stomach thrice, and he instantly fell down in a pool of blood. Thereafter they took away his wife. Auwal’s brother, Barde was inside his room during the incident, but lacked the courage to come out, and it was only after the gunmen left to the understanding of Barde that he was able to come out from the room with a loud shout saying they have killed Danlami (Auwal). “It was then that Barde got the sympathy of family members. However, despite the condition he found himself in, Auwal was shouting for help, saying “pick me up, they also took away my wife, and kept on saying pick me up to the time he could not even utter a word”. This was the episode related by a close relation about the killing by gunmen of the newlywed Auwal Isah, in addition to taking away his wife, who was then Pregnant, in Jere town along Abuja – Kaduna Road in part of Kagarko Local Government Area one Friday night. In fact, this was the third time gunmen were invading Jere town kidnapping people. The First was at Cabiho quarters where a young person was kidnapped with the sum of twenty million naira paid as ransom. The second was at Ma’aji quarters where over seven persons were kidnapped and a ransom of twenty-five million naira, including three motorcycles were paid for their release, after they killed two out of the seven, they kidnapped where they were held hostage. in whole, it was not more tnan amoni after the release of the five out of the seven they kidnapped when they came back again, penetrating deep inside the town at Galadanchi quarters where the killed the newlywed and took away his wife, in addition to some women and children in the house of Kaduna state former commissioner for poverty alleviation, who was also the PDP chairman of Kagarko Local Government chairman, Hon. Abdulrahman Ibrahim ,popularly known as ‘Apo’..Our source said, “The kidnappers were said to have entered the house of Hon. Abdulrahman in the early hours of the night of the incident, just around 11pm. As God had it, all his wives had shut their rooms except Hajiya Ladidi who had women visitors that were to spend the night with her in the same roam There were some male children watching some video clips in her room, but when the gunmen came in, the occupants of the room were lucky to use the kitchen exit to vamoose. So, they only took Hajiya Ladidi away along with her baby, in addition to the junior sister of Abdulrahman, Rabi’ atu who also came to the house from Zaria, together with Hajiya Ladidi’s sister, Walidah”.

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